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Quiggles Kidswear was developed in a small town on the North Shore of Long Island. We began as family and friends were having children and baby gifts were being created. After becoming pregnant myself, with twins, I was confined to bed rest, Bored with TV and books, I drew, thus the full blown development of our line. After creating many designs, researching garment manufactures and garment dye houses, our line was ready for manufacturing and wholesale distribution. The third floor of our Victorian home was transformed into a studio workshop and playroom.  As the girls would play I would work, all happy together at our respective "jobs". We continued to distribute our goods to boutiques nationwide via sales reps attending various shows.

At the birth of my third child, Quiggles came to a halt, as I joyfully focused more on family than business. During the summer of 1991 we moved off the Island to a quaint town in Upstate NY, and I was able to return to my business. We began marketing our clothing via other channels. We visited Craft Fairs, which proved quite successful. We started attending a Saturday market in Woodstock. Eventually we found more and more such markets and additional craft fairs. Today we are in some of the largest and top ranked juried fairs throughout New England. We attend 25-30 shows each season, and we also distribute to boutiques everywhere.

Now we'd like to make this same fine 100% cotton, handpainted children's clothing available to everyone via our website. Visit our other pages to view a selection of our clothing. If you have something special in mind or simply have a question, please don't hesitate in sending an email. We look forward to serving your children's clothing needs!